How to Cut Hair

Seven section parting is one of the most important techniques that is used through the process of hair cutting. Through this process, the hair is designated into seven different sections of which are used to create an even and balanced haircut as they are blended together through the entire process. Using clips to separate the hair into different sections can teach stylists how to cut hair in sections and ensure that a balanced hair cut is created. The sections of hair that the scalp is divided into include: top, right side, left side, right crown, left crown, right nape and left nape. The seventh section of the hair is the bottom layer that is used to create the length of the haircut which goes around the perimeter of the head.

Sectioning the hair allows more control over the style that is being created. Although it may sound difficult to create a hairstyle in pieces or portions, it is the most effective way to ensure that the cut remains balanced. While learning to cut hair, the seven section parting method is one of the essential techniques used when learning to cut different haircuts. It allows the hairstylist to work from the back to the front in controlled movements, working on one section of hair at a time. Not all sections of the hair are cut at the same time and only half of one section is worked on at a time to ensure that the haircut is blended while the style is being created.

When the hair style is created, it is important to use sharp scissors. Using sharp scissors is the only way to guarantee that the cuts will be straight, effective and easily blended within the hair. Sharp, professional scissors should be used and sharpened on a regular basis on both sides. This will enable the best results. Once the scissors become dull it can be difficult to create straight lines which are required for an effective and stylish hair cut.

The hair cutting process should use small cuts of hair, not large cuts as this can lead to too much being cut from the hair and mistakes being made in the style. Experts recommend that no more than one eighth of an inch be cut at a time from the hair to ensure that control is maintained over the style. A stylist should be able to envision the combination of small cuts making an impact in the hair style and creating the ultimate style.

Finishing the haircut includes ensuring that all portions of the hair are cut evenly and can be blended together to create a hair cut that ensures there are no jagged edges in the hair. Cross sectioning can be used to test the length of the hair by comparing the length in the front and the back of the hair. There are two main places that are used to judge the length of the hair; these include the nose in the front of the head, as well as the occipital bone in the back of the head. Learning to successful cross section the hair is an essential part of maintaining the quality of the hair cut.

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